By virtualizing desktops with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services, you can host operating systems, accounts, and applications in the cloud. The power of virtualization enables you to enhance workforce agility in any situation, whether it’s a pandemic, severe weather, or a cyber security breach.

Secure Your Remote Workforce with VDI Cloud Services

Many Desktop as a Service (DaaS) fail to live up to expectations, both in performance and security. When you deploy virtual desktop services with Mwanzia, you get the most secure, seamless and cost-saving VDI solution on the market. We manage everything for you and stay on top of security. Your workforce can access what they need to stay productive without risks or disruption.

Deploy virtual desktops quickly with certified cloud expertise

Improve business continuity and data security compliance

Gain flexibility to support a hybrid workforce

Optimize hardware, software, and cloud costs

Why increase spend to maintain and secure your data on-site when you can access your files and business applications through data centers managed by a Network Operations Center (NOC)? Mwanzia can manage every aspect of your company’s computing infrastructure to ensure fast, uninterrupted delivery. Plus, you avoid the expense tied to keeping non-critical files on expensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and on-prem servers.

Redefine What it Means to Be Productive with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Ensuring your employees can securely and quickly access tools and company data.


Improves data security with a clean copy and eliminating data stored on devices


Stay productive and pivot quickly to a hybrid on-prem and remote workforce


Supports lower-cost devices, extends life of existing hardware, and reduces service costs

Beyond Traditional Desktop Virtualization

Organizations partner with Mwanzia to deploy uniform digital workspaces quickly with secure and reliable connectivity. Unlike traditional Desktop as a Service (DaaS) services, Mwanzia’s cloud and virtualization experts stay on top of security controls, performance, and cost optimization for the best virtual desktop experience.

From paravirtualization to full virtualization, our flexible virtualization options present a solution for all your virtual desktop needs. Partnering with Mwanzia for virtual desktop services, provides you with a team of cloud experts handling software management and maintenance, enabling you to scale your business quickly and securely.

Mwanzia Partnership Value Add

Supports Inexpensive Endpoint Devices

Endpoint Devices and Location Agnostic

On-Demand Scalability of End User Comput

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Security Deployment and Management

Multi-Display Monitor Functionality

Supports Universal Printing to Local Printers

Hybrid Model with Providing Services

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

End-to-End Management

Enhanced Security Controls

Zero-Touch OS Deployment

Performance and Cost Optimization

Detailed Billing and Reporting

Secure by Default Configurations and Security Consulting

Committed to Your Workforce's Success